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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Christmas Light Installation 
Please let me say first of all, Holiday Lighting By Amy's top priority is to make the customer's Holiday Season more relaxed and to help your home become a beautiful vision for the season. We are EXTREMELY flexible and if there is something that you would like that you do not see mentioned on this site please do not hesitate to ask. 
1. How expensive is Christmas light installation? 

Pricing can vary depending on the area and number of strands and bulbs that are to be installed. Prices start as low as $300 and can go up into the $1000's,with complete installation, equipment (extension cords, power strips, etc.) and take-down. We neatly pack away the lights and store them for use next year.  A lighting specialist can arrive at your home or business and provide a free estimate. In order to keep costs down we will try to give you an accurate estimate by viewing photos of your home online, if you have pictures that you can send that would also be helpful.
2. Do you take Credit Card Payments?
We currently accept cash and checks. We hope to be set up to take credit card payments later on in the season.

3. How much are estimates? 

Estimates are completely free.

4. How much do you charge to wrap trees? 

The pricing can vary depending on the size of tree, how close you want the strands (the closer the strands are to each other, the more strands and labor required) and if branches are also wrapped. Please request a free estimate to get exact pricing. 

5. How many strands does it take to decorate a tree? 

The number of strands varies depending on the size and desired visual effect. 

6. Are there electrical requirements? 

Yes, a large number of strands require a dedicated circuit. Holiday Lighting By Amy will not be held responsible for inadequate, faulty, or overloaded electrical sources at the place of service. You may be required to provide electrical connection from inside the house or hire an electrician to ensure minimal electrical requirements. 

7. How much advance notice do I need to schedule an installation? 

Due to the high demand for Christmas lighting, we recommend estimate appointments be made at least 5 days in advance to ensure availability and scheduling. 

8. When can my holiday decorations be installed? 

Holiday decorating begins in the month of October and continues until approximately the third week in December. Though we will try to accommodate any requests.  Removals begin on January 2 thru January 31. 

9. What is the maximum height the lights can be installed? 

For homes and commercial buildings, the maximum height our installers can safely install lights on a ladder is 40 feet. If roof access is available there is no limit. The maximum height for light installation on trees varies according to the type of tree. We do offer installation at a higher rate for heights requiring a bucket lift. 

10. Do my holiday lights stay on all day? 

The option of an outdoor timer is available - the use of an outdoor timer is recommended and can significantly cut down on energy costs. 

11. What if a strand goes out? 

Holiday Lighting By Amy will come to your location and repair the lights free of charge. Provided the lights were provided by Holiday Lighting by Amy. Simply call us at 469-569-5030 to schedule a lighting specialist to come out to fix/replace the malfunctioning strand. We are not responsible for damaged items due to rain, snow, wind, acts of nature, unnatural causes or breakage due to neglect. We are also NOT RESPONSIBLE for lights provided by the customer, as we would have no idea their age, or condition.  

12. What if I have my own lights? 

We install, but do not offer any guarantees on lights you provide. 

13. Do you rent and/or store the lights? 

Yes, The price we quote is for rental of the lights. This is to keep costs lower for the customer as well as for us. The option to buy the lights is also available, just ask! 
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